No Gun Range Hampton: 267 Signatures!

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We have a wildlife preserve and more than 25% park – don’t ruin it. Don’t spend tax dollars on a new range when there already is a gun range in Simsbury-Perry Mandanis from Hampton, CT This petition is the first step in the process of stopping a State Police Firearms Training Facility from being built in Hampton, CT. We have… Read more »

Media Spotlight: We are in The Norwich Bulletin!

Residents against state police firing range say they will increase opposition-The Norwich Bulletin Roger Burten, announced that the removal of East Windsor and Willington from the list of possible State Police gun range sites adds a level of urgency. Burten, a resident of Hampton and member of the opposition group, No Gun Range Hampton, said they have already started a petition… Read more »

No Gun Range Petition Update: 203 Signatures!

Hampton residents understand, and are respectful of, the need for a training facility for our state troopers but purchasing over 400 acres of pristine woodlands, ponds, streams and open space in a neighborhood in one of the quietest parts of the “Quiet Corner” for a 55,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art firing range facility? It makes NO sense! There are logical options… Read more »

ATTENTION: East Windsor, Willington Off The Table For State Police Firing Range

After a year-long battle, residents of East Windsor and Willington were finally able to sit back and relax on Thursday when the State Police announced that they would no longer be considering their towns for a State Police Firearms Training Facility. ATTENTION! State agencies have turned their focus to properties in Canterbury, Voluntown, Griswold, Hampton and Sprague that were offered… Read more »