Dear Neighbor

Please join us in respectfully asking the State Police to find a better site for their training range.  ATTENTION: Written opposition to the gun range must be received by May 1st. Who should I send my comments to?

Dear Neighbor,                                                                                               April 18, 2016

The peace and prosperity of our community is being threatened by the possibility that an outdoor Connecticut State Police Firearms Training Facility will be located on a 460+ acre parcel of land being offered for sale to the State of Connecticut by Mr. Robert Darigan, with frontage bordering Drain Street, Lenny’s Lane, Sand Hill and Windham/Raymond Roads.

Sound travels extremely well in this particular valley; even with some noise abatement measures the shots will be heard for miles. An estimate is that nearly one million rounds (or 3600 per day) will be fired every year. Other groups who use the facility will increase this figure. This is completely different from occasional gunfire associating with hunting.

Homeowners in other towns have defeated the range in their towns. It is now up to us to protect our own town from this assault on our quality of life. The deadline for citizen comments to the state is May 1.  Send your concerns by April 30 to:

The impact of such a facility would be devastating:

  1. Property values will drop dramatically (Some real estate professionals estimate 30% lower value for property even miles away). No property taxes on the state property would be paid to Hampton. PILOT funds (“payment in lieu of taxes”) are reportedly 45% of the value of the property. Simsbury, where the current police facility is located, receives just $6,445 per year. Furthermore, PILOT fees are strictly at the discretion of the legislature, which is currently trying to save money any way that it can.

Homeowners and landowners would have great difficulty selling their property. The increased cost of maintaining roads could end up costing the town money.

  1. We will no longer live in the “Quiet Corner”. In the immediate neighborhood of the range, there are families including those with newborn children and many who earn their income at home:
  • horse breeding, training and riding stables
  • organic farms
  • home offices for writers, artists, music teachers, research scientists
  • hunters

There is likely pollution from lead ammunition to our wetlands, ponds, streams, wells and land, both on-site and beyond its borders. And those beyond the immediate neighborhood will hear firing continually. Once the state owns this property, it may decide to expand the facility beyond the current projections. Hampton zoning restrictions do not apply to state land.

  1. The character of the town will change. According to state police and state officials, the site
  • will have 125 parking spaces
  • will be used for both indoor and outdoor firing
  • will have fencing, concertina wire and 24-hour lighting
  • will be used by 30 state police per day, M-F 8AM-5PM and for dusk-dawn training usually immediately after sunset from April through October
  • will be used for hand guns, shotguns, semi-automatic and automatic weapons
  • will be used for joint training with other federal, state and local partners
  • will store ammunition and guns
  • will produce continual gunshot sounds well beyond the immediate neighborhood
  • will not be for use by private citizens

According to the State of Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services spokesman Jeffrey Beckham, the state is looking only “in relatively remote areas, far away from critical infrastructure such as schools.” Although Hampton and Canterbury may seem remote compared to a city like Hartford, they consist of vibrant neighborhoods full of people who love country living, with Hampton Elementary School 2 miles, and Parish Hill Middle/High School 3 miles, from the site.

Simply put, this facility does not belong in a class A residential area.

Please join us in respectfully asking the State Police to find a better site for their training range.  Comments must be received by May 1st. Send them to:

Email your comments to:

Jeffrey Beckham

cc your comments to state officials who will be involved in making this decision:

Melody A. Currey Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services Commissioner

Dora B. Schriro, Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Jeffrey Bolton Supervising Environmental Analyst Division of Construction Services, DAS

cc your comments to Hampton’s Representatives:

Tony Guglielmo State Senator

Doug Dubitsky State Representative

Joe Courtney U.S, Representative

Call Governor Malloy: 1-800-406-1527

It would be helpful if you and your neighbors called the governors office and explained that you do not want this range in Hampton. I would point out to them that it does not need to be built at all because of the state of the art National Guard range in East Haven. His staff will be keeping a tally of the calls. I will continue to fight on my end but these calls and emails will help support my case. – 4/13/16, 9:16 PM Tony Guglielmo

Other ways to contact the Governor: @GovMalloyOffice    Facebook’s Share Your Opinion Portal

Who else should I contact ASAP? Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman    @LGWyman    Facebook

Important Note: We invite you to show your support by putting a “No gun range in Hampton” sign out on your lawn. Signs can be very effective.

Other things you can do: Sign the petition.