Sprague Wesminister Road Property Off of DAS List

On Tuesday May 10th the Department of Administrative services announced that Wesminister Road in Sprague had been removed from the list of properties being considered for the State Police Firearms Training Facility Relocation Project.

The Westminister Road property was removed due to its proximity to a residential area, and a 200 acre clear cut for the construction of $50 million solar array.

The Lee Road property in Griswold is surrounded by Patchaug State Forest, and there are no private properties abutting the property. Some Griswold residents have come out against the property but they have not formed a committee against the gun range like other towns in Eastern Connecticut.

Griswold’s Board of Selectmen will schedule a forum to hear from residents about what they think of the project. From there, Skulczyck said selectmen will determine the town’s perspective on the project.-The Bulletin

In the mean time DAS will move forward with the the environmental impact  study to determine if the property is appropriate for the Training Facility. The study will take approximately 18 to 24 months to complete.

Please read more in the The Bulletin and at Fox61 NEWS


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