DAS Eyes Sprague AND Griswold

According to the DAS website there are two properties being considered for the State Police Firearms Training Facility: Lee Road in Griswold and Westminister Road in Sprague.
According to the DAS:
The Lee Road site is almost completely surrounded by the Patchaug State Forest. There are no residences adjacent to the parcel. The Westminister Road site features substantial forest land buffering a core area where the facility may be situated.-DASnewsrelease 5 May 2016

The firing range doesn’t belong in the Last Green Valley! We worked hard to prevent it from being here in Hampton and we will support our neighbors in their efforts to keep it out of the Quiet Corner.

Below is an up-to-date list of the properties involved in the relocation project.
Canterbury – Garosshen Road – eliminated from consideration
Canterbury – Phinney Lane and Lisbon Road – eliminated from consideration
Voluntown – 817 Pendleton Hill – eliminated from consideration
Voluntown – Ekonk Hill – eliminated from consideration
Griswold – Barber Road – eliminated from consideration
Griswold – Roode Road – eliminated from consideration
Sprague – Westminister and Woodland – Woodland eliminated from consideration
Hampton – Overall Map (Revised 3-31-2016)
Hampton – Sand Hill Road (Revised 3-31-2016) – withdrawn

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