Video: Gun Range Ruckus

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The noise from the proposed facility will be nothing like the occasional gun fire associated with hunting.

A State Trooper who attended the State Police Firearms Training Facility meeting at Hampton Elementary School estimated that there will be roughly 30 State Police Trainees at the facility during regular operating hours and that each Trainee will fire approximately 120 rounds per day.

Stop…Wait a minute…

Are you keeping track? That is about .5 million rounds fired in a calendar year! Please visit our Gun Range FAQ  page to learn more about the proposed training facility.

Please also watch this video to develop an understanding of what it is like to live with a gun range in your back yard.

We cannot let this happen in Hampton! Say No!:Contact Local Officials and Sign the Petition



One thought on “Video: Gun Range Ruckus

  1. jon freeman

    From What I heard from Willington residents there will be #3 30 person practice ranges. Willington residents were mis-lead more than once in presentations to their town DAS and police.


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