Media Spotlight: We are in The Norwich Bulletin!

Residents against state police firing range say they will increase opposition-The Norwich Bulletin

Roger Burten, announced that the removal of East Windsor and Willington from the list of possible State Police gun range sites adds a level of urgency. Burten, a resident of Hampton and member of the opposition group, No Gun Range Hampton, said they have already started a petition and put up signs in town against the facility.

“People are petrified,” Burten said.

If the state approves one of the sites under consideration, the project can move forward without resident or town approval because the properties being considered are privately owned.-The Bulletin

Over a year ago Willington residents formed the group UnWillington and took their protests to Hartford. So we need to do everything in our power to stop this.

“It would appear to me that part of the decision of the state to remove those sites from consideration stems from the residents reaching out to local elected officials,” Bob Panko, one of the leaders of UnWillington said.-The Bulletin

TAKE ACTION! Say No! Contact Local Officials

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