No Gun Range Petition Update: 203 Signatures!

Hampton residents understand, and are respectful of, the need for a training facility for our state troopers but purchasing over 400 acres of pristine woodlands, ponds, streams and open space in a neighborhood in one of the quietest parts of the “Quiet Corner” for a 55,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art firing range facility? It makes NO sense! There are logical options (i.e.) the National Guard facility in East Haven, CT — far less costly monetarily and far less costly than ruining lives , ecosystems and the character of one of the few towns remaining in Connecticut with no commercial businesses or traffic lights.-Annie Withey


Say No! Contact Local Officials Preserve our quiet corner.

This petition is the first step in the process of stopping a State Police Firearms Training Facility from being built in Hampton, CT. We have 203 signatures. Our new goal is 300! Please click <a href="http://petitions.moveon this″>here to sign. Also please follow us on facebook.

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